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Every discount listed on the site will promoted to our email list, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram including sponsored ads to 36,000 Eastbourne residence.

Eastbourne Discount Vouchers is an exciting new web site.Everyone loves a bargain, or likes to think they’re getting one, so discount vouchers can really drive sales. As a user of discount voucher sites I was frustrated that I could not find any deals from local businesses. Nearly all the offers were from national chains who have really caught onto the benefit of offering discount vouchers. I searched to find local offers without luck so I decided to create my own discount site for my home town of Eastbourne.Using our knowledge, experience and large marketing budget we aim to attract 1,000’s of visitors to our site every month.

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We will also be producing a regular newsletter highlighting the very best offers on the site. The better the offer the more effort we will put in to promoting it!

You listing will have a dedicated vouchers landing page for you to feature video, images, website, contact details and any information about you and your offer.

If you prefer just fire us an email ( with your discount offer and we will set it up for you. No charge – we would love to see you on the site and happy to set it up for you.

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Click here to view our Media Pack which contains lots more information about us

…. Sample Listing

Some popular types of voucher code

10% off your order
The amount of discount you offer needs to depend upon the average margin for your business, and should also take any shipping costs into consideration. The bigger the discount the better the response.

For your customers 5% might not excite them, but 30% could have them salivating.

£5 off your order
Often as effective as a percentage discount, the offer of a fiver off (sensibly with a minimum order threshold) can also work wonders. If your average order value is around £50 then this will equate to a discount of 10% off the order total. However, if the customer spends £100 it’s the equivalent of just 5%, so the acquisition costs are lower and they’re fixed.

2 for 1
Two for one offers are very popular and many restaurants offer these deals. Whatt could you offer?

Free bottle of wine with any meal for two
Offering a glass of wine, cup of tea or slice of cake can bring in many new customers.

FREE delivery
Many customers want free delivery, and if you don’t offer this as standard on orders over a certain threshold, a free delivery voucher code might be worth a try. If others in your market aren’t already offering it, it could also be a handy retention tool, as you could offer free delivery voucher codes to your loyal customers to encourage them to return.Hurry – Free listing offer ends 31st January.

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Why voucher codes are great

They’re popular
Everyone loves a bargain, or likes to think they’re getting one, so voucher codes (or discount codes) can really drive sales.

They’re easy to promote
There are many sites that you can advertise them on, such as This can make overall cost per acquisition (CPA) lower than other channels, such as Google Adwords. They’re also ideal for promotion via email, social networks, TV or radio. In fact, you can really promote them anywhere. We will promote your offer via our website, facebook, emails, twitter, instagram and over the next few weeks we will be adding many other social networks.

They’re easy to share
If the voucher code is attractive enough, or has a feel of exclusivity about it, your customers might share it through email or social networks which will drive further sales. Some of the most successful voucher codes offered have quickly gone viral. Our site offers quick share social media buttons to help spread the offer.

They’re incredibly flexible
Voucher codes can be used for a huge range of different promotions and used to manipulate a whole array of customer behaviours, making them exceptionally versatile.

They’re easily tracked
Since you can create unique codes for individual campaigns, you can also use them to track the performance of individual offers, marketing strategies or advertising sources or creatives. This makes the voucher code an analyst’s dream.

They’re easy to split test
Do your customers respond better to a 10% off voucher code than 5% off? Would a fiver off work out just as well? It’s dead easy to split test voucher codes, so you can provide several and see which one is most profitable for you.

They’re great for increasing average order value
You can intentionally strive to increase average order value by restricting voucher code usage to orders over a certain amount, such as 10% off when you spend over £75, which is a quick and easy way to give your AOV a boost.

However, it does appear from experience that the use of any code encourages customers to spend more, even when you don’t add a minimum order threshold.


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How you can use voucher codes

To acquire new customers
Acquiring new customers can be painfully expensive, and even though you’ll be reducing your margin and effectively paying an acquisition cost in the form of a discount, offering a voucher code can bring new customers to your site at quite a reasonable cost, if you get the offer right.

You can also control the acquisition costs very easily, which can’t always be said for display or PPC advertising.

To retain existing customers
Most people tend to think of voucher codes as a customer acquisition tool, but they’re also great for retention. Offer new customers a voucher code to redeem with their next order and you could see a positive growth in the number you convert into returning customers.

To help hit sales targets
If sales are flagging and your projections suggest you might not hit your sales target, a voucher code could be just what you need to give things a boost. They work so much better than a standard offer , and there are so many variants you can use, that you’d be foolish not to test them.

To clear old stock
If you’ve got excess stock you need to clear from your warehouse running a promotion via a voucher code is a great way to get rid of it profitably, and allows you to track how you did it.

To increase average order value
If you want to increase your average order value consider restricting the use of the voucher to purchase over a certain amount. However, do be aware that there’s a fine line between increasing average order value and reducing sales and adding a minimum order value will affect sales.

Some people will be put off by spending more than they want, which means you could make less profit, not more. Run an A/B test to test your theory.

To promote high margin products
Margins on some products can be so low that offering 10 or 20% off could mean you make barely any profit, particularly if you’re also subsidising or paying the shipping costs. Using a voucher code to promote the products that bring the best margin is therefore a great way to increase the profitability of your offers and raise your overall margin.

To run time-limited offers
Every voucher code should have an expiry date, but there seems to be something about adding a time limitation that encourages customers to use a voucher code when you want them to.

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