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Growing population and technological advancement led to an all time increase in the consumption of energy. For fulfilling this great demand for power, fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and natural gas are being exploited to an exhaustive extent. But unfortunately, over-exploitation of natural resources not only increases their price but also causes serious environmental issues. Therefore there is an urgency to utilize non-conventional sources of energy more and more.

Non- conventional sources of energy like wind energy, solar energy, tidal energy etc. are cheaper and renewable making them profitable and wiser options for energy generation over the non-renewable ones. Of these, solar energy is one of the most prominent sources of energy. It is an inexhaustible source of energy which is important for every life process. Sun’s light and heat are harnessed using various technologies for generating solar energy. At present, solar energy is one of the most appealing sources of electricity. Solar energy Perth is an eco-friendly resource which also helps in reducing global warning.

Solar energy is being used around the globe for following purposes;

  • Cooking: Solar cookers are in-expensive devices which utilize solar energy for producing food and pasteurization. There are a variety of solar cookers such as curved concentrator solar cooker and solar ovens.

  • Generating electricity: Electricity is generated using array of photovoltaic which are generally mounted on the top of the building. These panels absorb sun’s radiation and produce electricity which can be used for commercial or residential purposes. Generally in places like Perth, solar panels Perth are widely used for the purpose.

  • Heating water: Solar water heaters generally consist of storage tank which is horizontally placed on the roof above the solar collectors. This can save your electricity bills. These water heaters can be used in houses as well as hotels.

  • Roof ventilation: The solar roof ventilators such as solar attic fans are used to eliminate heat thus making your house cool without the use of electricity.

There are many companies which provide solar cookers and other solar devices. Clean NRG is one such company dedicated to provide solar cookers, solar water heating systems, solar ventilation system and many more devices which utilize solar energy.

About Clean NRG:

Clean NRG is one of the leading companies in Perth, Australia. The company aims at providing different devices which consume sun’s energy for various purposes. Tesla battery Perth is the innovative device which can produce 7KW to 10KW of electricity thus lowering your electricity bills. Optimum solar devices are supplied by the company at reasonable prices. For more information, please visit .

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